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Match Types

Browse match types (title matches, cage matches, royal rumble, etc.) and access the latest and highest rated fights for that match type.

All Championships Types of fight
    • 'Till Death Do Us Part Match
    • 10 000 Dollar Challenge Match
    • 2/3 Light Tube Log Cabins Death Match
    • 200 Fluorescent Lighttubes Death Match
    • 3 Minutes Exhibition Match
    • 4 Fluorescent Lighttubes Death Match
    • 5 000 Dollar Five Minute Challenge Match
    • 5 Minute Challenger Match
    • 50 Shades Of Gay Match
    • 5150 Street Fight Match
    • 700 Light Tube Death Match
    • 8 Ball Challenge Match
    • 8 Mile Street Fight Match
    • 8-4-1 Match
    • A Single Block of Lego Death Match
    • Absolute Chaos Match
    • Aerial Assault Match
    • Akron Street Fight Match
    • Alabama Bullrope Match
    • All Humans Are Equal! Kazuki Hirata Death Match
    • All Or Nothing Match
    • All Out War Match
    • All-round Irregular Rules Match
    • Alternate Four Way Match
    • Amateur Wrestling Challenge Match
    • Ambulance Match
    • Anarchy in the Arena Match
    • Anthem Match
    • Anus Explosion Death Match
    • Anything Goes Match
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