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Welcome on Brainbustr! Your new wrestling site (favorite one! soon! maybe!).

So what is it? Brainbustr is a community site, allowing everyone to assign a rating to a wrestling match, to manage their favorites matches list and personalized lists.
17339 listed wrestlers
54661 pro wrestling matches
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To allow the discovery of matches without being spoiled, the results are not displayed by default on the site. You can however see them by clicking on Show results on the fight page


Languages, responsive & dark!

Made in France, but we try somehow to make it available in other languages. To change language, go to the bottom of the page and click on the desired flag!

The site is built in such a way as to be equally accessible on computer, phone or tablet.

Passing by night? Click on the sun at the top right to switch to dark mode!

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Go to a fight page

Give your rating and add a comment

Click on the heart to add it to your favorites list

Click on the bookmark to add it to your Watchlist

Click the + to add it to your personal lists

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Rating system: We use the 'classic' rating system in the pro wrestling world, namely: on 5 stars.
Then it's up to you to decide how to use this rating scale according to your tastes!

Once connected, access your personal spaces in the GORILLA POSITION

Find all your ratings, favorites, watchlist and personal lists.

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Your ratings will also be displayed on the various pages of the site, below the average rating of the fight, preceded by a G.

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Create an account to rate fights, add them yo your favorites, watchlist, or own lists.
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