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What is CatchéDex?

The CatchéDex lists wrestlers you've encountered in your wrestling fan experience.
When you add a rating to a match, the wrestlers involved are added to your CatchéDex. You can also record wrestlers you've seen in person (IRL) at a wrestling show.

Each wrestler listed in your CatchéDex earns you points, which make up your CatchéScore :

CatchéDex Cards

Roman Reigns


#221 - BBR 105


Like the pocket monsters we cherish, wrestlers listed in your CatchéDex are displayed as cards, showing various information.

ON SCREEN This badge indicates you've given at least one note to a match involving this wrestler

IN REAL LIFE This badge indicates you've added this wrestler to your IRL list

#.. Unique identifier of the wrestler on Brainbustr

BBR.. Wrestler's position in our BBR rankings, click here for more information

Number of notes you've given to this wrestler's matches

The card border is also colored according to the wrestler's ranking BBR position

Add Wrestlers to Your IRL List

To add wrestlers to your IRL list in your CatchéDex , go to a wrestler's page and click ADD IN REAL LIFE.

Browse CatchéDex

To view the CatchéDex of your friends and other Brainbustr members, visit their profiles and simply click CatchéDex.

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